Assistants assistants are powerful tools that help you stay informed about the market trends and company updates that matter most to you.

With assistants, you can:

  • Automate information processing and get key insights directly delivered to you.
  • Save time and effort, gain actionable insights, and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Customize to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Creating Your Assistant

  • Access the Assistants Dashboard: Open the left navigation bar and select "Assistants".
  • Choose Your Assistant Type: Select the type of assistant you want to create, such as "Summarization" or "Early Warning Signals".
  • In the "Input" section, choose from the existing portfolios or create a new one to specify the companies you're interested in. You can select one or more portfolios.
  • In the "Events" section, choose the specific events you want to follow
    • Summarization Assistant: Track specific events such as Earnings Calls and annaul reports in both Indian and US capital markets.
    • image
    • Early Warning Signals Assistant: Monitor events such as Mergers and Aquisitions, Equity Fund Raising, Financial Results, Resignations, etc.
    • image
  • Enable the "Select all" and "Auto add future events" checkboxes to ensure you receive updates on all relevant events, including those we add in the future.
  • In the "Output" section, select WhatsApp or email or both according to where you want to receive updates from your assistant.
  • Give your assistant a desired name for easy identification.
  • Click "Create Assistant" to activate your new information powerhouse.

Managing Your Assistant

  • Your newly created assistant will be displayed in the "Assistants" section of the dashboard.
  • You can change the status of the assistant by toggling the switch to pause or activate it.
  • Use the pencil icon to edit an assistant. You will be redirected to the Assistant Builder, where you can follow the same steps as when you initially created the assistant and make necessary changes.
  • Use the delete icon to permanently remove an assistant.


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