Gmail integration allows you to sync all your emails into Follow these steps to get started:

Video Tutorial 📽

1. Link your Gmail

  • Click on the All apps are synced bar on the top right corner, or go to the Apps & Website section on the left side of the app, and click on Add

  • Hover over the Gmail icon, and click on Connect

  • A pop-up will open. Make sure you have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before agreeing to them. Click on Get Started

  • You will be asked to authenticate with your Google account

  • You will see a success message once the integration is complete. Emails from the linked account will start reflecting on

2. Modify your integration

  • Hover over the Gmail icon in the Connected Apps section, and click on Options

  • You can choose to Add new account or Delink the current integration from here.
  • To add a new account, click on Add new account and follow the steps again. To Delink the existing account, click on Delink


How long does it take to stream data into

To stream Gmail data into, it usually takes around 45 mins-2 hours.

Will I be able to import my previous mail history into

You will be able to import your last 20,000 emails into Post that, and every new email received in your inbox will get streamed into your account.

What happens if I delete emails on Gmail that have already been streamed to only offers a one-way data stream. This means that data streamed into from another app or source will stay independent of the source, i.e., deleting messages on WhatsApp after they have been streamed to will not affect your data on

Does deleting mails from also delete them from Gmail?

No, making changes to your data on will not have any effect on your original data source.

Can I respond to emails from currently offers read-and-search only functionality. This means that you can stream and search data from Gmail on However, you can click on the Gmail icon and be redirected to that specific email in your mail client.

Can I choose specific Gmail contacts to link with

At the moment, we sync all emails from a particular account. We are working on enabling selection from specific contacts and will soon roll out this feature.

Will sent emails from my account also get synced to

No, only emails from your inbox will get synced to