Save feed

You can create a completely new Feed with just a search term.

  • Search within my data in the main Search bar and hit enter

  • You should be able to view the results. You can then apply filters to refine your search and click on Save as Feed located on the right side of the search term to save your filtered results as a feed

  • Give the new Feed a name, or go ahead with the search term as the Feed Name. Click on Create, and your Feed is ready

  • You should now be able to see the Feed under the My Feeds section. You can always click on Edit Feed to make changes to your current Feed


Will the Keywords, Sources, etc. be automatically added to the Feed?

Yes, we will automatically add all the sources you have added in Needl.ai to the Feed, along with the Search Term as the Keyword.

Can I change the keywords and search terms after creating the Feed?

Yes, you can change the keywords by clicking on Edit Feed.