How to Create a Feed

How to Create a Feed empowers you to tailor data feeds to your preferences, helping you effortlessly filter through information and stay connected with what truly matters to you.

With our platform, you can craft personalized data feeds by specifying keywords, Public and personal sources, and specific date ranges.

Video Tutorial 📽

  • Click on the “Add” button next to “FEEDS” in the left navigation.

  • You will find two options:
    • Folders published by Needl and organization folders (if applicable).
    • Create feed from scratch.

Create a Feed from the template

  • If you click on any folder and select a template, you'll see an overview of its contents, including Feed Name, Description, keywords, and sources.

  • "Add Template" incorporates the selected template into your account without customization.
  • To customize the template, select "Customize Template" This will take you to the edit page, where you can add or remove sources and keywords according to your preferences.

Creating a Feed from Scratch

  • If you want to create a feed from scratch, you'll need to click on the “Create your own feed” button and provide a feed name, keywords, and sources of your choice.
  • After adding your selected sources and keywords, click "Create" to create the feed.
  • In the keywords section, the input box also supports searching for company names. For instance, if you intend to add "Newgen Technologies" you can start typing "new" and it will provide suggestions for companies, making it quick and easy to add them to your feed.

  1. Exact Matching for Precision:
    • Adding your keywords in double quotes [" "] gives an exact match, enhancing your feed's output quality. This precision helps your feed cut through the noise, delivering more relevant results.
  2. About Exclude Keywords:
    • The "Exclude Keywords" function is a powerful tool. It removes all cards containing the specified keyword from the feed, allowing you to fine-tune your content.
  3. About Exclude Filters:
    • "Exclude Filters" provides even greater control. It enables you to exclude data from selected filters while retaining the remaining data in the feed.


Can I add multiple sources to a feed?

Yes, you can add any apps, websites, exchanges, or notes that you have connected in your account.

If I disconnect a source, will data from it still show up in my feed?

No, data from the disconnected source will stop crawling into the feed as soon as you disconnect.

Can I edit the keywords and sources after creating a feed?

Yes, you can edit all the parts of the feed at any time.